Are you wondering if your business's website site is getting enough traffic? 

Website traffic varies based on a number of criteria such as how big your business is, the scope of your marketing and the industry you are in. Therefore it is almost impossible to put a figure on how much traffic you should be getting.  

However, there is one theory that the exposure your business should be getting should be directly related to the size of your business which can also be related to number of visitors your site should be getting.

According to research and analysis done by Hubspot using the average weekly unique web visitors for both B2C and B2B companies based on the number of employees they found that a business that employs between 11 and 25 people should have  a reach of 269 if you are a B2B business but this figure will be higher at 685 if you sell directly to consumers.

The difference is based on the fact that B2B customers are already looking to buy your product with intent whereas a general consumer will be more likely to be generally browsing before deciding to purchase.

However,  there are so many variables in business sizes, industries, marketing etc that it is almost impossible to put an exact figure on it.

So instead, we like to base our calculation on actual desired target revenue for a given business and reverse engineer it to see how many website visitors are needed to generate that revenue.


Calculate the desired amount of revenue you wish to achieve over a given period

Step 2. 

Divide your desired revenue by your average sale amount. This will give you the amount of transactions / sales needed to hit your revenue target.

Step 3.

Calculate how many leads turn in to actual sales to determine home many leads are needed to be generated by your website

Step 4.

Finally you need to find out how many web visitors are needed to generate the required amount of leads. On average a business converts 2 - 3% of website visitors into leads.


Desired web visitors = leads required / conversion rate

This will then tell you how many visitors your website will need to generate a desired amount of income. The trick then is to come up with a online marketing plan to achieve it.