Designing a successful Website

Your website is an integral part of your business so it needs to be designed and built properly. If it's not don properly then you will end up losing out on a lot of business. At Advance Online we specialise in designing websites that not only look good but preform for your business and drive customers to your door. We do this by utilising the following tried and tested website design techniques:

The Sales Pitch

You only have a few seconds to convert a visitor to your website so make sure you get the information about your business, services, products, why you're the best etc front and center.

Focus on your core message to make sure it delivers the right message and sales pitch to your target market.

Clear call to actions

A lot of website's don't convert because they do not have clear call to actions. These are just buttons / sections on your website highlighting a specific action like 'Call now', 'Email us', 'Get a quote' etc . These CTA's will encourage a user to make the next step and help navigate them to a desired outcome.

We also make sure that your contact details such as phone number, address, email etc are clearly visible, especially on mobile sites where the visitor is just looking for quick contact details.

Engaging About Us Page

Be careful not to make your 'About Us' page boring with too much detail that the visitor isn;t really interested in.

Your About Us page should be all about the customer, not all bout you. However, it does need to highlight the skills and personalities of your employees and how you would benefit working with the customer

Modern, Professional Design

A modern, professional and aesthetically pleasing design will keep customers on your website longer and will build more trust with your business over a website that is poorly designed.

If your site is poorly designed then customers will conceive your business to be of low quality also. Professional design is key.

User Experience

Make sure your website is focused around your visitors objectives and these are encouraged to improve interaction.

We design all our websites from the perspective of the user and your businesses target market.

Mobile Friendly Design

80% of internet users own a smartphone or tablet so it's imperative that your website is optimised to work on both these platforms.

All our websites are designed using 'Responsive' design method where the website will automatically render itself to fit whatever device it's being used on.

Content Management System

We build all our website's on robust, well know content management systems such as Wordpress and Business Catalyst to make managing and editing your website easy.

Marketing Strategy

Every business is different so it is important to make sure you have a solid marketing strategy that twill drive visitors to your website and ultimately your business

A website alone is no longer enough to generate leads and enquiries. you will need to implement some sort of marketing strategy such as SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, newsletters and social media content depending on they type of business and your target market. We will help you put the right strategy in place for you business.



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